Mavel’s The Avengers

Jugga’s Rating: 2/5

Description: Super Hero, Sci Fi, Action

Notes: This was the biggest letdown of the year for me. After two-and-a-half hours of world-threatening chaos and world-saving events, you don’t have a single memorable image (or idea) lingering in your mind. You would think with so many big stars it’d at lest have some witty banter. I guess when you have too many famous people it doesn’t work and you get a “Mars Attacks” situation.

Bad Ass

Jugga’s Rating: 2/5

Description: Action Adventure, Comedy

Notes: Starring Danny Trejo?? Streaming on Netflix? Hell yeah I’ll watch it! Man, he’s pretty short. I guess as a villain they always make him appear bigger than he actually is. So strange to see him as the good guy.

The ABC’s of Death

Jugga’s Rating: 2/5

Description: Horror, Gore

Notes: Twenty-six amateur¬† directors show their take on death.¬† Most are gory, some are decent, but it’s not worth sitting though 24 horrible ones for a couple decent ones. It is interesting to watch because of the different languages. I swear, Japanese people come up with the most fucked up disturbing shit.