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Jugga’s Rating: 3/5

Description: Foreign, Takashi Miike disturbing shit!

Notes: This is the most DISGUSTING movie I have ever seen! I did like that it was a complete story though and not completely random.  It made sense but was just gross.  Entertaining and I enjoyed it more than Ichi the Killer.

La Horde

Jugga’s Rating: 2/5

Description: Zombie, Foreign Horror

Notes: French zombie movie where gangsters are stuck in a building during a zombie attack with no explanation.  Characters are unmemorable and I just didn’t care throughout the movie.  Best part was when it shows everything that happens to the guy that sacrifices himself for the good of the group.  He’s on top of a car with a horde around him fighting till the very end.  Running out of bullets, turning to machete, and being taken over.  Good scene.

10 Promises To My Dog

Jugga’s Rating: 4/5

Description: Foreign-Japanese

Notes: OMG, this movie made me cry!  A 12 year old Japanese girl trys to cope after her mother falls suddenly ill with cancer.  She comes across a golden retriever puppy and they become best friends, but as she grows up they begin to drift apart.  Be good to your dog!  Their life is so short:( Oh, there’s also a little boy in this movie (half white/Japanese) that looks just like my cousin!


Jugga’s Rating:4/5

Description: Action/Foreign:Thai  Ong Bak-like.

Notes: No it’s not Chocolat with that Judi Denche bitch! This movie is GOOD.  This mentally challenged half Japanese half  Thai (yeah, interesting mix) crime baby seeks money owed to her mother from her gangster days, and kicks some major ass!  Simple/straight-forward story.  Awesome fight scenes.