Bad Ass

Jugga’s Rating: 2/5

Description: Action Adventure, Comedy

Notes: Starring Danny Trejo?? Streaming on Netflix? Hell yeah I’ll watch it! Man, he’s pretty short. I guess as a villain they always make him appear bigger than he actually is. So strange to see him as the good guy.


Jugga’s Rating: 5/5

Description: Comedy

Notes: Saw this in theaters with Gorilla and Dong. Funniest movie I’ve seen in awhile and there are quite a few Family Guy references.

Horrible Bosses

Jugga’s Rating:5/5

Description: Comedy

Notes: Funny with the sex jokes and witty banter. Main dude has Kevin Spacy as the asshole boss that won’t let him advance. Squirrley dude has Jennifer Aniston who constantly harrasses him sexually. The other dude has the cheesy, crack head boss. Success, happy endings.

The Other Guys

Da Jugga’s Rating: 4/5

Description: Comedy/Action

Notes: I love Mark Walberg and all the gay jokes he makes in this movie.  I was also pleasantly surprised my man, Dwayne Johnson, had a short role in the beginning of the movie.  Hilarious!