Mavel’s The Avengers

Jugga’s Rating: 2/5

Description: Super Hero, Sci Fi, Action

Notes: This was the biggest letdown of the year for me. After two-and-a-half hours of world-threatening chaos and world-saving events, you don’t have a single memorable image (or idea) lingering in your mind. You would think with so many big stars it’d at lest have some witty banter. I guess when you have too many famous people it doesn’t work and you get a “Mars Attacks” situation.

The Mist

Jugga’s Rating: 4/5

Description: Horror, Sci-Fi

Notes: This campy Stephen King story turned out to have some great tragic twists. Definitely worth watching. You’ll recognize a lot of the cast from The Walking Dead.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Jugga’s Rating: 4/5

Description: Action, Sci-Fi

Notes: Dayuuuuum, there’s a lot of good looking people in this movie! Makes me feel like I gotta workout. I can’t believe they killed off Channing Tatum so early, bahahaha! It is what it is… non-stop action and buff dudes! I APPROVE!

Pacific Rim

Jugga’s Rating: 3/5

Description: Action, Sci-Fi

Notes: I saw this one in IMAX 3D, so the special effects were AMAZING! This movie deserves 5 starts for the battle scenes, but lacks story and character development. I don’t know why they chose “Babel Crotch Deaf Girl” (Rinko Kikuchi) as lead female. A Japanese fob role was not the way to go. Eventhough the battle tactics make no sense, it’s still an entertaining movie.


I really liked this one. It’s kind of gory at times and makes you really think about how bad slavery must have been back then.