World War Z

Jugga’s Rating: 5/5

Description: Horror, Science Fiction

Notes: I’m a sucker for zombie movies. The movie is nothing like the book, but that’s okay since the book sucked my bawls! I love how this movie focuses on the first few hours of the pandemic.


Jugga’s Rating: 3/5

Description: Horror

Notes: Just like VHS1 some people stumble into a room full of VHS tapes and begin watching them. They stole my idea of first person view of a zombie! I’d watch the movie solely for this segment.

After Earth

Jugga’s Rating: 3/5

Description: Action Adventure, Sci-Fi

Notes: I don’t know why everyone hated this movie, 11% on Rotten Tomatoes? Really? I thought it was pretty suspenseful and the graphics were engaging. Better than most of the shit movies M. Night Shyamalan has been putting out lately. We watched Fast & Furious 6 and After Earth back to back in theaters and this movie was the winner.