Prince of Persia

Jugga’s Rating: 4/5

Description: Action/Adventure, Video Game Movie

Notes: What’s with all the bad reviews?   I liked this movie.  It has action, ties together nicely.  Yeah, I don’t really feel Jake Gyllenhaal for the part, but it can be overlooked.

New York, I Love You

Jugga’s Rating: 3/5

Description: Drama, Babel or Crash-like?

Notes: It is one of those movies that has a bunch of little stories, that you think may tie together in the end.  This one kinda fails to tie together, so you just have to take each story for what it is.  I’ve never been to NY, so I’m unable to judge this movie accurately. Each story is directed differently, so you never get bored with the feel of the movie.

Just Wright

Da Jugga’s Rating: 3/5

Description: Yo’ typical Queen Latifa Movie

Notes: Her big ass gets hot guy again.  Haven’t I seen this before?  Not bad, not great, just alright and watchable.

Get Him to the Greek

Da Jugga’s Rating: 2/5

Description: Comedy

Notes: I guess there were funny parts?  I wasn’t really following what was going on because I had a few too many beers while watching this. It seemed all over the place, but that’s what they were going for.  P. Diddy was pretty good.


Da Jugga’s Rating: 4/5

Description: Action/Comedy

Notes: This movie is based off a DC comic, and Bruce Willis playes a retired CIA agent who meets up with former friends and enemies to figure out who’s trying to take them out.  It’s has plenty of action and John Malcovich, so what’s not to love??  Don’t think about it too much and just enjoy the characters.