The Tooth Fairy

Da Jugga’s Rating:1/5

Description: Comedy

Notes: This is by far the WORST PIECE OF CRAP  you have ever done Mr. Dwayne Johnson!!!  UGHHHHH! You could have been the next big action star.  You could have been the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, the next Terminator, but NOOO! You had to go and do shitty kids movies like  The Race to Witch Mountain and Southland Tales whatever the hell that was.  You made me sit though this whole movie while you fly around with your fairy wings in a dress and you did not even take of your shirt!  Not even once!  I watched this movie on a plane and it was STILL a waste of time!

The Blind Side

Da Jugga’s Rating:3/5

Description: Drama, True Story

Notes: It’s a simple story, but I guess that’s acceptable since it’s based on a true story.  Simple feel good movie with a happy ending.