10 Promises To My Dog

Jugga’s Rating: 4/5

Description: Foreign-Japanese

Notes: OMG, this movie made me cry!  A 12 year old Japanese girl trys to cope after her mother falls suddenly ill with cancer.  She comes across a golden retriever puppy and they become best friends, but as she grows up they begin to drift apart.  Be good to your dog!  Their life is so short:( Oh, there’s also a little boy in this movie (half white/Japanese) that looks just like my cousin!

Half Nelson

Jugga’s Rating:2/5

Description: Drama

Notes: I’m tired of these damn movies where nothing f***ing happens!  Looks like it could go somewhere, but it just ends and leaves me unsatisfied.  Why did I waste so much time watching this slow crap when there’s no conclusion??!  To stare at Ryan Goslings dreamy crack-head eyes?

Run Fat Boy Run

Jugga’s Rating: 5/5

Description: Comedy

Notes: A simple story about a guy trying to make up for leaving his pregnant girlfriend at the alter. Hank Azaria is da bomb. Simple plot, complete story, great characters.